Knowledge by Design

At Trendsetting our goal is to ensure that people and companies are able to communicate their message, and manage their information in an effective and cost effective manner.

We find solutions, using the latest technologies, to accomplish this goal.

Our Management team has extensive sales and marketing experience in the corporate, government and small business arenas.

Our personnel provide the optimum blend of youthful enthusiasm with no fear of technology combined with sage and seasoned business experience.

Database Consulting

Consulting is a rather lofty phrase for the simple process of helping to guide your personal and company direction. By taking a face-to-face approach to help you talk through your goals and objectives, we can often recommend common sense solutions. Moving a project from the idea to the action stage may simply be a matter of implementing some well-chosen business practices and bringing a different point of view to your endeavor. We bring a logical and practical business slant to your issues. Mentoring or advise from an approachable and professional team may just be the answer.


Clear and concise communication through all media.

Graphic design and development.

Consulting on message and image development.

Corporate and client website design.

Web Development, Hosting and assistance.

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